DNAzol Reagents From Invitrogen

DNAzol Reagents From Invitrogen
DNAzol is a complete and ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of genomic or viral DNA from solid and liquid samples of human, animal and plant origin. The DNAzol procedure is based on the use of a novel guanidine detergent lysing solution that hydrolyzes RNA and promotes the selective precipitation of DNA from the cell lysate. DNAzol is a not toxic to the cells and the procedure does not require the use of phenols. DNA can be obtained from a large number of samples of small or large volume. We have extracted genomic DNA from 75 fungal species. The DNA yield varied from 310 to 1.827 ug/g.

In the DNAzol protocol, a biological sample is homogenized and lysed in DNAzol. If necessary, samples can be stored in DNAzol at room temperature for extended periods of time. The DNA is then precipitated with ethanol, washed and dissolved in 8 mM NaOH. Following pH adjustment, the DNA can be used immediately for analysis or stored at 4ºC. The entire isolation can be completed in 20-35 min, and a wide range of DNA molecules can be isolated including genomic DNA and DNA fragments down to 100 bp in length. 100 ml of DNAzol is sufficient to process 100 samples, each with 25 - 50 mg of tissue. 70 - 100% of the DNA is typically recovered. Isolated DNA can be used for Southern analysis, dot blot hybridization, molecular cloning, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and other molecular biology applications without any additional purification. There are 3 versions of DNAzol, each designed for optimal isolation efficiency from a given sample type: blood, cells and tissue, plant.

These features make the DNAzol Reagents highly desirable for the purification of DNA which is to be used in the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases. The DNAzol Reagents have helped our laboratory in the rapid diagnoses of a number of human and plants diseases. Following extraction, the DNA is most often used in PCR and RAPD testing for diagnosis of the fungal species. We have used these reagents with very successful results.

Ali A Lattif
Research Scholar
Case Western Reserve University
Biomedical Research Department

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DNAzol Reagents From Invitrogen
The Good

This is a wonderful reagent that helps a lot in isolating the genomic DNA from blood, cells and tissue. Also the Plant DNAzol reagent is specifically formulated for the isolation of genomic DNA from plants. DNAzol reagents helped our laboratory in the rapid diagnoses of a number of human and plant diseases. The entire isolation is completed in 20-35 minutes.

The Bad

This material is hazardous.

The Bottom Line

Genomic DNA isolated with DNAzol reagents can be used for restriction endonuclease digestion, southern blot analysis, molecular cloning and PCR.