PCR / Electrophoresis Based Genotyping

PCR / Electrophoresis Based Genotyping Electrophoresis-based genotyping is the process of experiments that complements nucleic acid electrophoresis for genetic analysis. DNA or RNA is examined for size and quality through electrophoresis, after which it can be extracted and purified. The invaluable tools made available here assist in the multi-step method of determining fragment genotyping. Gel-based box and capillary electrophoresis systems, reagents, and consumables are available for the separation and genotyping of nucleic acids. Standards, arrays, and multi-well plates among several other indispensable products are available for capillary electrophoresis-based genotyping. Purified samples from gel-based box electrophoresis are genotyped for fragment sequence analysis, polymorphisms, and fragment analysis using kits, software, and services. Microsatellite genotyping services for purified nucleic acids are an accessible, time-saving, and rapid analysis tool for researchers. Fragment analysis services range from the evaluation of one sample to 96-well format assays. Many of the systems and products provided here are complemented with our PCR-based systems.

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