Gel Documentation

Gel Documentation Gel documentation and gel imaging systems have come a long way from the old days of blue stains and dark rooms. A multiplicity of systems and technologies are now available to visualize and document the results of your gel experiments. The use of gels is so widespread it's practically universal. Gels can be used to characterize proteins, DNA, and even small molecules. For DNA, gels can be used for sequencing, separation, or preparation, and imaging and documentation are essential to all of those applications. Through use of modern imaging and documentation systems, they can also be highly accurate and quantitative. Products available include all-in-one systems, instruments, and software. In choosing a gel documentation and imaging system, consider the needs of your research. For a simple application, a basic system without all of the bells and whistles may be the most economical choice, whereas a sophisticated application may call for a menu of advanced features and analytical software.

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