Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) Independently Regulates Both CO2 and O2 on the Omega Series of Microplate Readers Streaming Video

The Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) is a new and unique accessory for the Omega series of multifunction microplate readers from BMG LABTECH. Two independent intake valves and a microprocessor control panel allow for the optimal atmospheric conditions to be maintained inside of the microplate reader chamber. The ACU is perfect for creating the ideal environment for all cell based assays, including stem, tumor, mammalian, bacterial, and yeast cells, as well as for mimicking disease states such as hypoxia or anoxia. For more information please visit our website. BMG LABTECH, bringing the future of microplate reader technology to you today.

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Mr. E.J. Dell: Hi. My name's E.J. Dell. I'm with BMG Labtech. I'm here today at the First Annual SLAS in San Diego.

What I'm going to talk to you about today is our new instrument the FLUOstar Omega with the Atmosphere Control Unit accessory.

What this instrument does, the ACU, is it allows researchers to have optimized cell-based micro-plate assays.

It is a multi-functional reader that does absorbance, florescence, and luminescence, as well as florescent polarizations and time-resolved florescence.

It's a ideal micro-plate reader for cell-based assays because it has a unique dual-valve intake for two different gases to be regulated at the same time, such as CO2 and oxygen.

Most cell-based micro-plate readers only have one regulation, can only regulate one gas at one time. And so, you constantly need to change the different tanks of the gas.

This has a dual-tank intake valve that allows you to have two different gases at the same time. So, it allows the proper and the optimized regulation of your cell-based assays.

Why this is important is because, if you need to change from cell-based mammalian cells to bacterial cells, yeast-based assays, you would need to change the atmosphere.

Other conditions that can benefit from the dual-intake--dual-valve intake gas is such as creating conditions such as hypoxia or anoxia, for ischemia or to test drugs for ischemia or cell-based assays of stroke or wound healing.

Not only does it have the unique dual-valve intake for two different gases, it has a microprocessor control to allow optimal control of those two different gases.

The two different levels of the oxygen or the CO2 are easily optimized and regulated with our microprocessor control.

This allows you to save on gas and to allow the micro-plate and the cell-based assay to be kept at the optimal temperature.

Thank you for your attention. And if you'd like more information, please visit us at

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