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PerkinElmer has highly specific, validated technologies and knowledge support for the development of epigenetic drug discovery assays, saving valuable time and resources, allowing drug discovery researchers to interrogate their screening libraries and optimize their leads faster and more efficiently.
  • Cellular analysis of endogenous histone modifications
  • In vitro enzymatic assays covering all writer and eraser families such as DNMTs, HDAC, Sirtuins, HATs, HMTs and demethylases such as LSD1 and Jumonjis
  • LabChip mobility shift assays for mechanism of action
  • In vitro protein-protein assays for readers of the histone code
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Mr. Mathieu Arcand: Hi. I'm Mathieu Arcand from PerkinElmer right here at the SLAS First Annual Meeting.

I'm really excited to talk to you about these high throughput screening reagents for epigenetic assays, may they be AlphaLISA epigenetics assays, may they be LANCE Ultra also no-wash homogenous assays, and now with a caliper merger, we also have those great assays for kinetic measurements.

Will these be histone H3, methylation, acetylation, deacetylation, demethylation, we've got it all covered, and I'm really excited.

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