Rat ELISA Kits

Rat ELISA Kits Detecting specific rat antigens via ELISA is effortless with our array of rat ELISA kits. Rat ELISA kits provide the convenience of having an ultra-sensitive validated set of reagents packaged together for one definite purpose. These kits include capture and detection antibodies, enzymatic reaction reagents, and standards for any rat protein to be analyzed. This collection includes interleukins, TNF’s (tumor necrosis factors), and interferon’s (INF), designed for varied ELISA procedures. Researchers with specialized needs can tailor their critical assays with ELISA construction kits. Detection conjugates such as streptavidin-HRP, and biotinylated polyclonal or monoclonal primary antibodies found in each kit eliminates individual procurement and validation of these resources. These kits are designed for strip or microplate applications and can be purchased as single or multiple reaction formats. Your rat ELISA is closer to completion with the assistance of our handy product guide!