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  • Of Noncoding RNA and Epigenetics

    Of Noncoding RNA and Epigenetics

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013
    Whether long, small or micro, noncoding RNAs are not translated into proteins, yet fulfill important regulatory roles in gene expression. Here we ... read more
  • Protein Expression

    Protein Expression

    Monday, January 11, 2010
    Protein expression, once the province of specialized proteomics laboratories, is now a versatile tool used in many disciplines within the life ... read more
  • Plasmid DNA Purification

    Plasmid DNA Purification

    Friday, July 03, 2009
    So many labs use plasmid DNA – in applications such as PCR, transfection, cloning, and sequencing – that it’s no wonder there are many good ... read more
  • Proteomics Sample Prep: Simplify, Stabilize, Solubilize

    Proteomics Sample Prep: Simplify, Stabilize, Solubilize

    Monday, May 18, 2009
    Powerful though it may be, the fast-moving field of proteomics is still dogged with difficulties. Problems such as reproducibility and sample ... read more
  • Protein Electrophoresis

    Protein Electrophoresis

    Friday, March 13, 2009
    Protein electrophoresis is a foundational technique in biology, its importance no less today than when it was first invented more than thirty years ... read more
  • PCR Cloning

    PCR Cloning

    Friday, February 20, 2009
    PCR cloning is a method of cloning which dramatically reduces the time and effort put into the cloning reaction. A conventional cloning procedure can ... read more
  • Expression Vectors

    Expression Vectors

    Friday, January 23, 2009
    If you haven't explored new technologies in gene expression in the past couple of years, it may be time to upgrade your expression vector. read more
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