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  • Primary Cells Pose No Problem with These Transfection Tools

    Primary Cell Transfection

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014
    If you’re transfecting primary cells, you likely have some optimization ahead of you. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of tools to help. Here we look ... read more
  • Never Fail to Deliver with these Stem Cell Transfection Tools

    Stem Cell Transfection Tools

    Thursday, February 06, 2014
    Stem cells, provide several unique transfection challenges. Pluripotent stem cells, for instance, often are grown in colonies, leading to cell ... read more
  • Gene Delivery

    Gene Delivery

    Monday, November 16, 2009
    The entire foundation of modern molecular biology is predicated on a single supposition: That it is possible to deliver nucleic acids to cells. From ... read more
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