Software for Bioimaging (Bio-Imaging Software)

Software for Bioimaging (Bio-Imaging Software) Bio-Imaging software provides the tools for analysis, processing, visualization and management of live cell experiment data, spectroscopy, microscopy, gels, fluorescence assays and scans of organs or whole animals. Imaging software is used in laboratories from high school biology to the National Institute of Health. Some applications of software include bone density analysis, gel quantification, spot detection and quantification, cell counting, motion analysis, large-scale genomic fingerprinting studies, and live cell analysis. Features to look for in imaging software products includes options for programming image acquisitions, time lapse and multi-dimensional acquisition, automated file storage, communication with external devices, manipulation of data, and simple installation. When purchasing image-analysis software, it is important to consider compatibility. Drivers must be available for hardware products, file formats need to be recognized, and resources must be able to handle the speed of image acquisition and processing. Users have the option of open source or commercial software; imaging software is available to all users regardless of budget and technical knowledge.

  • IX3 Series Inverted Microscopes

    IX3 Series Inverted Microscopes
    The new IX3 is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging designed with the scientist’s workflow in mind.

    Built on a robust ...