Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes Stereomicroscopes use incident light illumination and two separate optical paths with two objectives and two eyepieces to produce a three-dimensional visualization of the specimen. Zoom microscope increase the magnification and illumination and can go slowly from a particular magnification to a new resolution, without sacrificing the view or vision of the observed specimen. These microscopes are used in industry, research, laboratories or educational institutions for applications such as dissection. Additional features are available to satisfy most applications such as digital imaging, fluorescence excitation, UV illumination, or extra-long working distance for assembly, manipulation or dissection. Look for high-resolution, advanced optics, ergonomic features, and the ability to customize any model for specific application requirements.

  • IX3 Series Inverted Microscopes

    IX3 Series Inverted Microscopes
    The new IX3 is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging designed with the scientist’s workflow in mind.

    Built on a robust ...
  • Guava easyCyte Flow Cytometer Systems

    Guava easyCyte Flow Cytometer Systems
    guava easyCyte™ Flow Cytometer: Power with Simplicity

    You’ll quickly find that guava easyCyte™ benchtop microcapillary flow cytometers are...