VERSA Next Generation Library Prep Workstation from Aurora Biomed

VERSA Next Generation Library Prep Workstation from Aurora Biomed


Next Generation Library Sequencing using VERSA™ NGLP workstation.
Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are emerging as a powerful means for providing gigabases of genetic information. Increased throughput and reduced sequencing costs have revolutionized genomics. As traditional sequencing bottlenecks are eliminated, new demands are placed on sample preparation. However, the labour-intensive and error-prone steps needed for this task make it difficult to produce large numbers of libraries.

Researchers at Aurora recognize that automating this manual process maximizes the benefits offered by NGS, and thus have developed the VERSA Next Generation Library Prep (NGLP) workstation.

This system provides walk-away library preparation for NGS technologies while automating nucleic acid extraction, reverse transcription and PCR setup. The VERSA NGLP is an open system compatible with third party reagent kits. Library preparation for NGS technologies is just one of many solutions offered by Aurora. Numerous applications have been automated, and each VERSA workstation remains customizable to accommodate unique needs.

Aurora supplies complete solutions including application support, instrumentation and reagents, ensuring users receive their desired results quickly and efficiently.


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemVERSA Next Generation Library Prep Workstation
  • CompanyAurora Biomed
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  • Catalog NumberVERSA 110 NGLP / VERSA 1100 NGLP
  • Dimensions(WxDxH) 60 x 60 x 45 cm (23 x 23 x 18 inches) / 98 x 60 x 83 cm (38 x 23 x 32 inches)
  • CapacityDeck Capacity: 8 and 15
  • QuantityEA
  • ApplicationsPrimary Research / Health Screening / Personalized Medicine / Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Characterization
  • ChannelsSingle and 8 Channels
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