Double Chamber Slide Kit from STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.

Double Chamber Slide Kit from STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.


For culture, fixation and staining of collagen-based assays

The Double Chamber Slide Kit contains 48 double chamber slides, 48 filter cards and 48 spacers. The double chamber slides are recommended for performing colony assays in collagen gels using MegaCult™-C or CollagenCult™ collagen-based media, for the detection of hematopoietic progenitors. The chamber slide system allows for culture, fixation and staining to be performed on the same slide. Filter cards and spacers are used for the dehydration of collagen-based gels following culture. This kit provided sufficient slides, filter cards and spacers to perform 24 duplicate assays (two slides) or 48 single assays (one slide)



• Double Chamber Slides, 48 slides (Catalog #04813), • Filter Cards and Spacers, 48 cards and 48 spacers (Catalog #04911)
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