PEIpro™ Transfection Reagent from Polyplus Transfection

PEIpro™ Transfection Reagent from Polyplus Transfection


PEIpro™ is a new transfection reagent for bioproduction, a 1 mg/mL optimized linear PEI for the transient gene expression of recombinant proteins and viral vectors. PEIpro™ is supplied with advanced quality controls that ensure excellent lot-to-lot consistency and an implied license statement. Polyplus owns the exclusive worldwide license for transfection of nucleic acids using polyethylenime (PEI) and derivatives. Large sizes available upon request.


• Works in serum free suspension cultures
• Works with CHO, HEK-293 & other cell lines
• Adapted to shake flasks, platform shakers and stirred tank bioreactors
• Complies with guidelines for raw materials in Bioproduction, free of animal-origin components
• A ready-to-use reagent, minimum of 2 years shelf life
• A reliable and secure supply


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