Alexa Fluor 488 C5 Maleimide from Life Technologies

Alexa Fluor 488 C5 Maleimide from Life Technologies


Conjugates prepared with the thiol-reactive Alexa Fluor 488 C5 maleimide are significantly brighter and more photostable than fluorescein. The bright, green fluorescence of the Alexa Fluor 488 dye, which is spectrally similar to that of fluorescein, is pH independent from pH 4 to 10.


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  • ItemAlexa Fluor 488 C5 Maleimide
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  • ApplicationsCell Analysis:Labeling Proteins & Antibodies with Fluorophores:Labeling Thiols:Protein and Antibody Labeling:Protein, Peptide & Antibody Labeling:Proteins, Expression, Isolation & Analysis:Thiol-Reactive Fluorophores:Protein & Antibody Labeling:Labeling Chemistry
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