pCR8/GW/TOPO TA Cloning Kit from Life Technologies

pCR8/GW/TOPO TA Cloning Kit from Life Technologies


Invitrogen's pCR®8⁄GW⁄TOPO® TA Cloning Kit delivers simple 5 minute cloning, access to the Gateway® recombination cloning vector platform. Our pCR®8 TOPO® TA vector contains a minimal MCS so you sequence more of your insert and less of the vector. And with our patented att sites, the pCR®8 vector is the simplest way to create an Entry Clone, which facilitates easy access via Gateway® recombination cloning to a variety of expression vectors without tedious sub-cloning, saving you valuable research time.

The pCR®8⁄GW⁄TOPO® TA Cloning Kit offers:

- Fast growing E. coli shortens cloning time
- Maximum convenience: includes plasmid miniprep kit
- att sites for rapid recombination into any Gateway® destination vector
- 3'-T overhangs for direct ligation of Taq-amplified PCR products
- Sequencing primer sites within 55bp of insertion site ensures you sequence more insert, less vector
- Spectinomycin resistance gene for robust selection in E. coli
- EcoR I sites flanking the PCR product insertion site for easy excision of inserts



Kit Contents:
TOPO®-adapted, ready-to-use pCR®8/GW/TOPO® Vector, dNTPs, Salt Solution, Sterile Water, GW Forward and Reverse Sequencing Primers, Control Template and PCR Primers, One Shot® TOP10 Chemically Competent E. coli or One Shot® Mach1™-T1R Chemically Competent E. coli, S.O.C. Medium, and a pUC19 control plasmid. The PureLink™ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit contains Resuspension Buffer, RNase A, Lysis Buffer, Precipitation Buffer, Wash Buffer, TE Buffer, Spin Columns, and Wash and Recovery Tubes.

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