Pharm-Trol Count Control Particles from Thermo Scientific Particle Technology

Pharm-Trol Count Control Particles from Thermo Scientific Particle Technology


Thermo Scientific count controls provide an accurate and convenient method for calibrating or checking the performance of laser particle counters used in cleanrooms and other contamination monitoring applications.

Pharm-Trol count controls contain NIST traceable size standards with a measured particle count. It was developed for manufacturers of parenteral drugs and ophthalmic solutions seeking interim verification of USP <788> and <789> (Particulate Matter in Injections and Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions).

These count controls are prepared with the same exacting procedures as the USP Count Reference Standard and provide process control data for particle counting consistency and verification of size calibration.

Pharm-Trol comes ready-to-use, and is designed for regular use in liquid particle counters. As a result, Pharm-Trol enables you to document the reproducibility of the particle counter by permitting a continuous record of its performance using a particle suspension with a known concentration. The data provides the documentation needed for internal or customer quality audits.


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