MATra-A Transfection Reagent (for Magnet Assisted Transfection) from IBA GmbH

MATra-A Transfection Reagent (for Magnet Assisted Transfection) from IBA GmbH


MATra-A Reagent for efficient transfection of plasmid DNA using IBA's Magnet Assisted Transfection technology (MATra). MATra is a very gentle, easy-to-handle, fast and highly efficient technology to transfect cells in culture. All types of nucleic acids from plasmid DNA or siRNA to oligonucleotides can be used with the MATra approach. Data from a variety of species using cell lines or primary tissue culture have accumulated. Applications range from Neurosciences via Oncology to Hepatology and many more. Using this new technique, nucleic acids are in a first step associated with specific magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag). Exploiting magnetic force the full nucleic acid dose is then drawn towards and delivered into the target cells leading to efficient transfection without disturbing the membrane architecture, without causing chromosomal damage or leaving a hole in the cell membrane like other transfection technologies. MATra-A can be used with adherent cells as well as with suspension cells. Suspension cells have to be localized at the bottom of the wells of cell culture plates to take advantage of the magnetic field in an optimal way: use MATra-S Immobilizer ( or modified culture vessels. MATra can also be adapted to high-throughput transfection assays using robotic stations and adapted protocols. For the transfection process a special magnet plate is required, which is also available at IBA GmbH (see



MATra-A Reagent for 200 µg nucleic acids
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