Mono Q 5/50 GL from GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Mono Q 5/50 GL from GE Healthcare Life Sciences


MonoBeads™ Columns
  • Innovative, monodisperse 10-µm porous beads yield high resolution, dynamic capacity, reproducibility, and durability.
  • MonoBeads™ available in a choice of three prepacked column formats¾Tricorn™, HR, and PC columns.
  • Maximum resolution is achieved from the efficiency of small, perfectly spherical monodispersed particles optimally packed in columns coupled with the excellent selectivities of the Q and S ion exchangers.
  • Compatible with ÄKTAdesign™, FPLC™ System, and other high-performance LC systems.
  • MonoBeads™ are also available as Mono P for chromatofocusing.




pH Stability:
2-12 (working), 2-14 (short term)

Q (Quaternary ammonium )

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