rIB4-SAP from Advanced Targeting Systems

rIB4-SAP from Advanced Targeting Systems


rIB4-SAP is a chemical conjugate of the B4 lectin [from Griffonia (Bandeiraea) simplicifolia] and the ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemrIB4-SAP
  • CompanyAdvanced Targeting Systems
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  • Catalog NumberIT-10-250
  • Quantity250 micrograms
  • ApplicationsrIB4-SAP eliminates a-D-galactosyl-positive cells
  • Conjugate/Tag/Labelsaporin
  • FormatPBS (0.14 M Sodium Chloride; 0.003 M Potassium Chloride; 0.002 M Potassium Phosphate; 0.01 M Sodium Phosphate; pH 7.4), no preservative. Sterile-filtered
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