Discovery VP® Preparative HPLC System from Shimadzu

Discovery VP® Preparative HPLC System from Shimadzu


DVP Preparative enables purification and collection of milligram to gram quantities of compounds generated from Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Product Isolation, and Organic Synthesis efforts. Like its DVP Analytical companion, DVP Prep offers complete control, enhanced functionality, and simplified operation. It is the ultimate in easy-to-use, unattended operation while delivering sophisticated fraction collection by many different means including: UV, Mass Spec, ELSD, and others – all in just a few mouse clicks. Scalable fraction collectors facilitate high-volume purification of lead candidates. A queue-based sample submission interface allows users to submit samples on a first-come, first-served basis, enabling scientists to concentrate on new chemistry instead of HPLC separations.

Key features include:
• Multiple Fraction Collectors: The multiplexing technology of Discovery VP lets you configure up to six fraction collectors for more than 800 5mL or 350 30 mL fractions. This scalability is crucial for facilities with a large number of users that generate many compounds daily.
• Totally Automated: Eliminates the need for an operator to continually monitor the hardware and prepare the column for each injection.
• Pictorial View of Sample Location: Supports several sample rack types for maximum flexibility.
• Fraction Collection: Collects fractions based on slope and level signal values coming from the detector. When multiple detectors are configured, collection can be triggered by the UV or 'other' detector (MS, RID, or ELSD) signal.
• Run Conditions Set by the Administrator


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