SureClean Plus (PCR clean-up) from Bioline

SureClean Plus (PCR clean-up) from Bioline


SureClean is a novel, inexpensive solution, which provides a column-free method for nucleic acid purification. Using a simple and rapid procedure, SureClean can be used to purify or concentrate DNA or dsRNA from PCR reactions or any enzymatic digests. This method is easy to follow, combining convenience, speed and excellent recovery rates. A very straightforward protocol allows the precipitation of nucleic acids ?75bp with up to 98% recovery of the original sample, without the need for organic solvents, glass milk or expensive spin columns (Fig. 1). SureClean purifies nucleic acids without the use of chaotropic salts (which often contribute to denaturation of the DNA duplex). SureClean enables the researcher to re-suspend the cleaned-up nucleic acids in any buffer and volume of choice, thus permitting the purification process to be tailored specifically to suit downstream experiments. SureClean is compatible with all downstream applications, such as cloning and sequencing



% Recovery:
Recovery rates of up to 98%

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