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  • Bioprocess


    Editorial Article
    It's one thing to work in a research lab: cobbling funds together from research grants, conducting experiments in 96-well plates using stand-alone benchtop equipmentequipment, and meticulously ... read more
  • Potter S

    Potter S

    Application Note
    For the isolation of proteins and RNA from tissues and cells the Potter S is used in combination with a glass cylinder 8542309 and a PTFE plunger 8542708. Guanidinium thiocyanate is used in the ... read more
  • Mikro-Dismembrator U And S

    Mikro-Dismembrator U And S

    Application Note
    Hair samples have been shown to be a reliable source for the detection of Clenbuterol even weeks after its last administration to the animal. To detect this drug in hair, the sample is first soaked ... read more
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